Summary of the Organizational Issue or Problem and Qualitative Approach

Summary of the Organizational Issue or Problem and Qualitative Approach

Part 1: What if?

Summary of the Organizational Issue or Problem and Qualitative Approach The problem or issue that will be addressed is behavior issues in middle school. What causes these behaviors and how can we reduce them? There is evidence from teachers that middle schoolers don’t have consequences for some of the behaviors they display. Administrators are not always available for support or have relationships with the students ( Favoritism) nothing happens. According to Jim Bierma, there are students that come from unstable home environments. Students often reject adult authority, which can affect not only their academic performance but the education of their classmates as well. ( 2006). Within the organizational issue would be finding out the repeated behavior in middle school from three of our different campuses and reviewing how many referrals they receive with that behavior. There will be interviews conducted with the ISS coordinator and Behavior Specialist in the three different schools. Qualitative research will make the most sense by conducting interviews to get the insight on the repeated behaviors between the schools. Looking at ways that these behaviors can be reduced in and out the classroom.

 Quantitative Approach

 The proposed accomplishment of qualitative approaches to collect data from the stakeholders ( teachers, ISS coordinators and administrators). The variables that will be viewed would be others opinions on behaviors as it relates to disruption in the classroom leading towards referrals and students walking out the classroom without permission. First, let’s remember the organizational issue is the behaviors that cause the students leading to referrals. What are the repeated behaviors? What can we do as educators to reduce these behaviors and referrals in the school? In addition, the difference with the quantitative approach would have others opinions and feelings about the behaviors inside the classroom. Quantitative will allow for interview questions that can get more in depth to why certain behaviors are continuing. The purpose of the survey design will allow for the variables to align with the organizational issue or problem. We have to look at the context of the survey which includes the educators and participants ages 23-52. Quantitative design will be appropriate because it will give a visual of the data that should align with the organizational issues. The collection of data will be reviewed on how educators, administrators and ISS coordinators respond to the surveys. Finally, the sample size will be about 15 including but not limited to ( educators, administrators and ISS coordinators) Once the data is collected there should be some understanding of why schools have increased the amount of repeated behaviors within the building. Collecting the surveys will be an eye opener.

Part 2: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

Quantitative research helps in interaction among respondents, as they depend on the comments, perceptions, views, opinions and ideas of people. It involves respondents more than in a structured survey as it uses dynamic processes such as interviews and group discussions. The opportunity to probe allows you to determine more than just initial responses and rationales. Qualitative research obtaining a vast amount of knowledge about an individual and their experiences is a common goal of qualitative research. This can then be generalized to a wider application, but it’s usually done with a small group of people. A case study is a wonderful illustration of this, as it allows a researcher to learn a lot about an event or action

Mixed Methods Comparison

If mixed method research was a proposed method to the organization issue. Then, it will allow for two different visuals of the issue and understanding. Even if one may be more effective but understanding that another method may work as well. A mixed-method can integrate and synergize which an assist to study complex problems ( Poth & Munce, 2020)

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