Describe your understanding of your peer’s current event by providing additional historical elements

Describe your understanding of your peer’s current event by providing additional historical elements

Describe your understanding of your peer’s current event by providing additional historical elements that may have contributed to the current event. Discuss the similarities and differences between your and your peers’ perspectives.




Hello, my name is Matthew. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in accounting and finance. I live in Minnesota and previously got a degree in video production, but found that the field just wasn’t for me. I had a friend suggest accounting after years of trying to figure something out, so I’m doing my best to make this work.

A recent event that comes to mind immediately is the Ukraine War. I haven’t had time to learn much about Russia’s involvement in the annexation of Crimea, but I do know that, for nearly a decade, Vladimir Putin has had designs on Ukraine. I also know Putin is a former KGB officer, and those affiliated with the former Soviet Union have had designs to take back that territory lost since the Soviet Union collapsed, and the Russian government has implied this as being their motivation for their invasion. I admit that my knowledge of the conflict leading up to the invasion is very shallow and I have a book on the Ukrainian civil war that lead to the annexation, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it due to my already large reading backlog. Considering recent events, however, once I finish my current book, I think I’ll crack the Crimean conflict book open and become more informed about the Ukraine-Russia conflict that lead up to the invasion.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana.

I believe it is vital to learn history; the tragedy, triumphs, progress, and mistakes. We need to know what has worked and what didn’t. History has a huge role in modern political philosophies. It shapes public policy and legislation. Outside of politics, knowing past cultures can bring people of all backgrounds together and erode ignorance between them.




My name is Jay. My current major is Cybersecurity with an undefined minor or concentration. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps just over 17 years ago, and I work as a helicopter aircrew-man and hydraulics mechanic, but my main focus is manpower management. My career as a Marine will be coming to an end in the next few years. I’ve spent these past 17 years educating Marines on how to do their jobs. My next step in life is continuing my education for the future of my wife and children. I am pursuing a degree in cybersecurity because the future pushes toward those degree fields. I have also been interested in the field of computers from a young age. I am currently working in Okinawa, Japan, but my wife and children live in San Diego, California. 

The value of studying history is essential for all because the past shapes the future of humanity. Studying history gives us a better understanding of how current events got to where they are. All the research topics in this course are great examples of why we all benefit from studying history. When we understand the cause and effect of history, we set ourselves up to make better choices for the future. 

The current event that’s happening now is the possibility of a stock market crash due to. Inflation and banks being overleveraged. I have been trading in the stock market for the better part of a decade. The past historical event that I’ve been comparing this to are the housing crash of 2008 and the Great Depression. The Great Depression to approximately four years, while the 2008 crash took roughly 18 months to reach an all-time low. I believe there’s another “bubble” around the housing market due to the sharp rise in home value and more subprime mortgages looking to default, similar to what the Lehman Brothers did. 

I look forward to some great conversations with you all!



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Describe your understanding of your peer's current event by providing additional historical elements


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