Steve Jobs Famous Speeches

Steve Jobs Famous Speeches
2 pages presentation(6-9 minutes)

5pages outline

i need a speech presentation and also a specific outline for that speech. i need presentation for 6-9 minutes.I just need to talk about that topic around 6-9 minutes.
The speeches is for Steve jobs. i need it (the outline) in specific format
i just have to know that my presentation will done for 2 pages and the outline around 5 pages
……………….Answer Preview………………

Informative Outline

Topic: Steve Jobs Famous Speeches

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform people about the life of the legendary former Apple Inc. C.E.O, Steve Jobs’ inspiration moments at Stanford University.

Thesis: Steve Jobs life was a commitment to lead the world into a revolution through his computer innovation and inspiration.

  1. Introduction

Attention Getter:  How do you know about Steve Jobs, Bill gates, President Barrack Obama, the war on terrorist attacks like the alshabab in Africa? The answer is probably via the internet. On what device were you able to access the internet for you to get the information you know about? The answer is probably, an iPad, MacBook or an iPhone. Ever asked yourself who is that talented, ever legendary, that………………….

820 Words


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