Examine Alexa’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks.

Examine Alexa’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks.

Discussion 1 (Chapter 12):

Examine Alexa’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks.

Your response should be 250-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates.

There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post. Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author\’s words and continue to use in-text citations.

Response 1(praneeth)

Alexa drinks from Starbucks can help solve these tasks, as its voice commands help it out where to go. Alexa can also ask questions or even create the add a drink page to add a cup to a list or order an entire drink. Amazon Alexa has built-in speech recognition and gestures to answer these kinds of questions. Although some companies have integrated voice interfaces into their products, Amazon\’s success so far has been largely dependent on an algorithm designed by a company called AIk (Sharda et al., 2020). Amazon\’s Alexa can be programmed to help customers by talking to the software, answering questions about the products and services it knows about and interacting with its various components through a digital assistant (Sharda et al., 2020). Alexa\’s drinks from Starbucks default orders are in English, but it can create other user-selected order ng options in the Alexa Voice API. For instance, Google also has an Alexa for grocery shopping app; another way to use Alexa is as a personal assistant, as with Siri and Alexa. In this case, it asks Alexa to order the microwave coffee from Starbucks. Select Starbucks on the phone and ask Alexa. The menu has a good idea about the drinks and what kind of drinks they cost.

Alexa can quickly tell the approximate calorie and alcohol content, although not asking for more specific information. Consumers are currently using the company\’s voice assistant to ask the fast-food company questions, perform a purchase, or report a product condition. Alexa\’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks Customers who have used Alexa to ask for drinks can expect more information shortly (Wang, 2020). However, the company hopes that this will make the questions easier for customers. Alexa ordering drinks Starbucks is hoping that Alexa will help it make more decisions on its behalf. Ordering the drinks through Alexa or a smartphone requires entering the ingredients. After these items into the system, Alexa creates a barcode on the device that identifies it. Suppose the bar code on the drink (Wang, 2020). In that case, the device remembers the customer\’s order so that the Starbucks manager can provide the customer with another drink or service without missing the customer.

Response 2(kareem)

Alexa skill makes the voice response search of orders and can be cond for ordering from Starbucks using Alexa-enabled gadgets on the home or office computer. Starbucks\’ Alexa-powered device enables the customer to control the coffee maker, making ordering a simple task. At the same time, Alexa provides feedback on the coffee maker\’s state and directions for the brewer to refill. Alexa skill has the answer in the form of a voice command stored on Amazon Echo (Sharda et al., 2020). The Echo is an Echo device that interacts with home media and entertainment systems; including television, DVD player, and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage service. Echo devices usually have an Alexa Skill in Alexa skill set. Alexa can do that as well with the help of a smartphone application called ShakeIt (Sharda et al., 2020). This app has an integrated Web interface, a built-in Web search engine, and an API. Alexa drinks from Starbuck can use the API to ask a Web search for ingredients in drinks at a nearby Starbucks.

Alexa skill drinks from Starbuck then enter the order\’s details, enter the Starbucks search terms in the second button on the Alexa Home screen, and finally order the drink based on the Starbucks search terms entered (Chen et al., 2020). Alexa uses both the web search engine and phone, which means the amount of data that Alexa can carry, varies from one application to the next. Amazon\’s Alexa uses the Amazon Web Service API, which means there is a direct connection with Amazon\’s servers and Web service applications. For many, Alexa will become a mainstay of their home entertainment system. Amazon is said to be trying to turn the voice-controlled home entertainment system into a smart home device (Chen et al., 2020). Home automation systems enable users to control various devices from their living room and garage. In ordering drinks from Starbuck and answering questions, and controlling various devices, Alexa can also play music and send messages via text messaging, among other things. Alexa has a program to recognize speech patterns and speak from the microphone.

Discussion 2 (Chapter 13): Research Apple Home Pod. How does it interact with smart home devices? Alexa is now connected to smart home devices such as thermostats and microwaves. Find examples of other appliances that are connected to Alexa and write a report.

Your response should be 250-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates.

There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post. Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author\’s words and continue to use in-text citations.

Response 1(manishanthan)

The Apple HomePod connects to wired or wireless devices with its built-in speaker, light, and microphone. The Apple HomePod also has Bluetooth connectivity, so it can connect and control other connected devices. Apple HomePod connects to wired or wireless devices using its built-in speakers, light, and microphone. A connected Apple HomePod connects to various devices, and many of them connect to the Internet (Sharda et al., 2020). For example, a connected lights-out lightbulb from a standard light-sensing device can provide one light source and provide a home entertainment center with its separate source of light. The ability to create a simple, connected smart home with the HomePod provides a simple yet secure environment for users. HomePod is a connected home media player that is highly customizable. Users will have complete control of how their HomePod looks, sounds, behaves, and interacts with the whole home (Sharda et al., 2020). The Apple Home Pod\’s user interface on Amazon\’s Alexa skills, though HomePod comes pre-loaded with Alexa Skills, so the user does not have to purchase additional software. Apple HomePod uses the company\’s Siri voice assistant, and Apple Home Kit allows the user to integrate the assistant with the device.

Alexa and other appliances have a great lineup of devices, as well as third-party accessories. However, there is so much functionality with the assistant that she does not need to be attached to any device to be truly useful. Alexa is Amazon\’s voice-enabled, smart speaker with built-in AI capabilities that do things like play music, turn lights on, turn down to thermostat, and more. Alexa is built-in to every Amazon Echo and every Amazon Echo Dot. It comes in various other Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Tap, the Amazon Fire Stick, the Amazon Echo Show, the Amazon Fire TV, and the Amazon Echo Plus (Dhiran, 2021). The device\’s capabilities are continually expanding, with new Alexa skills becoming available every day and existing skills getting updated and optimized to perform better with more complex queries. In the coming months, Alexa and other appliances will also be coming to many devices made by other brands, including the popular Samsung SmartThings hub (Dhiran, 2021). Alexa can do many things, thanks to its voice-enabled and conversational capabilities. Alexa and other appliances can listen to music, control connected devices, and learn routines and preferences. It can also make to-do lists, provide daily news and weather reports, control bright lights, schedule calendar events, and control various connected home devices.

Response 2(Himanshu) :

When we look at how technology is advancing, it makes the bigger and less useful things to small size but more effective and powerful. Just look how storage facilities have changed to small and higher capabilities for holding more data. This advancement is also noted with the Apple Home Pod, a smart speaker that takes less space and provides a powerful sound; this is by adaption to the type of room one has. Looking at the number of capabilities within this device, there are more and more effective, starting with playing music, hence a source of entertainment in the room (Sharda et al., 2020). It can also manage smart devices within a house and offer security and privacy as to cannot comprise anything as it follows the set of instructions given. It also can connect to many smart devices through the Internet of things. The Home app gives room for the user to connect their smart device before being able to control them through the Apple Home Pod.

The app can be downloaded in the Apple store and is available on a free source. There is a different way to connect smart devices to the app: manually entering 8-digit home kit accessory code and using Wi-Fi by placing a device near to connect once your smart device is connected. One can get a unique code and hence can control it using Siri. Furth more, Alexa is a kind of virtual assistant in Amazon, allowing customers to make an order of coffee in Starbuck on a device like an echo dot. It can also be connected with microwaves and make it easy for one to control (Authority Media, 2021). As the days go by, it is advancing to ensure that it can connect to more home devices to give a higher satisfaction in a smart home. Once can use to control Smart TV, Smart doors, smart kitchen, smart bulb lights, and doorbells.

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Examine Alexa’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks.


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