standards battles: The information technology industry has

The information technology industry has many examples of de facto standards that resulted from a dominant design, and examples of a dominant design that have resulted because of de jure standard. Reflecting back on the organization you researched for the Module One discussion, how have “standards battles” played a role in the organization’s innovation cycle? How has the organization’s innovation cycle played a role in “standards battles”? Finally, in responding to your peers’ posts, consider the role that standards play in innovation as well as in adoption of new technologies in the information technology industry. How have standards affected innovation in information technology? How has ensuring ethical and legal compliance to standards affected innovation in information technology?
Organization I chose is: MTN GROUP LTD
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The role of standards battles in MTN innovation cycle

            It is a matter of fact that the standards battles have heavily affected MTN’s innovation cycle. This aspect is usually influenced by the fact that MTN faces a lot of competition from other telecommunication companies operating in markets it operates in. In order to compete, MTN has to keep on innovating its products and services in order to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. One of MTN’s area that is heavily affected by standard battles is its internet. The telecommunication company…

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