Speech Techniques

Speech Techniques

Watch the video clip below.


Answer the questions below.

  1. What, if anything, makes the speech compelling (beyond the obvious emotional appeal of listening to someone who knows he’s dying)?
  2. Why did Pausch eliminate certain topics?
  3. Why did he choose the topics he did?
  4. How does he support his ideas?
  5. What did you learn about speech making from this speech?


Answer Preview on Speech Techniques

The speech is made compelling by the speaker’s sense of speech giving. He starts with a story about his cancer misfortune to compel the listeners to listen to him. Beginning with a story is always compelling (Dowis, 1999). Another thing that the speaker does that is very compelling is that he supports his ideas with stories to show how those ideas can be put into practice in the real world by giving solutions on how to act when faced with different situations that they may face. He ends his speech by going back…..

Speech Techniques


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