Special event- Journal 3

Special event- Journal 3

Please find at least three articles that discuss how to appropriately integrate and design live events using videostreaming technology.  Please write a list of dos, donts, and best practices.

Please make sure the journal has at least 3 articles, because last week the journal require 3 article but you only  has one. Thank you





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The first article talks more about design and deployment of a hybrid CDN-P2P system for live video streaming. For this reason, video streaming has impacted positively to the hybrid CDN-P2P system because many activities have been done in the appropriate manner (Yin, & Li, 2009). There are dos, donts, and best practices for the system. For example, video streaming has been used to improve the performance the system. Alternatively, video streaming cannot be used to determine the negative results which might limit its…


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