Soil Quality and Food Sustainability

Write a paper on Soil Quality and Food Sustainability



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Conservation and sustainable agriculture is a type of farming that employs minimal soil disturbance and permanent soil cover (no till and mulch, respectively) which can be combined with rotations. It is a more sustainable type of farming for the future, which can replace the present cultivation practices. The paper will start with an introduction of what soil quality and food sustainability is all about before discussing how these two can be developed to improve agriculture through improving the soil quality, water infiltration, reduction in soil erosion, soil surface aggregate improvement, reduction of compaction through the promotion of more sustainable biological tillage, and the increase of the soil surface organic matter  and carbon content through a moderation of soil temperatures and weed suppression.

The paper will look at ways of reducing production costs increasing yields through practices such as timely planting, the reduction of diseases and pests through biological diversity stimulation, as well as greenhouses gas emissions reduction. The paper will consider the impact of the ever ballooning world population, growth as well as distribution with…


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