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sociological theory

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Directions for Public Policy Paper

The issue I want to address is….”How a Broken Home Leads to Delinquency” Please note that we have already done a “Journal Article” for this subject. And I am requires to Use the information from that journal article for this paper along with 2 more peer reviewed articles for this paper.

The instructor mentioned that the article was good, but be sure to articulate a good research question that you’re using this to answer.

I guess we could use, “Can a broken home leads to delinquency?”  Or can you think of something else?

In the paper you must relate this issue to one sociological theoretical approach and then you will develop or find a theoretically-sound policy recommendation that addresses the issue. This policy paper will require you to do library and internet research on the problem/issue.

You must identify at least two scholarly journals articles addressing your issue. Your paper should only utilize knowledge gained from your book and the two scholarly articles you have identified. You must access library articles databases. DO NOT USE ANY WEBSITES TO DRAW INFORMATION FROM FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. IF THERE IS ANY PLAGIARISM, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT!


Include a cover sheet with a running head, and page numbers.

Use 12-point, Times Roman font

Double-space the paper with 1-inch margins

Paper should be a minimum of three pages, a maximum of five (excluding cover sheet and reference page)

Use at least 3 academic references (including text) The textbook is called, “Juvenile Delinquency” A Sociological Approach   Williams E. Thompson and Jack E. Bynum

Format and citations must use APA 6th edition criteria (in text citations, citations, page, etc.). Consult the Publication, 6th ed.



Research Question [ex: What are the leading causes of truancy?]

Definition of the concept/issue [By definition, truancy is….]

Explanation of the problem [Truancy is a problem because…


Why is this concept/issue important to sociologists? [Understanding the causes of truancy is important to sociologist because…]

Defend your topic choice [I think it is important to recognize and understand the causes of truancy because…]

Identification (review of literature)

Factor 1 [The first factor that past research says leads to truancy is…]

Factor 2 [Another risk factor for increased truancy is….]

Theory of delinquency

Identify the main points of the chosen sociological theory (Choose 1 theory from Chapters 4-7) . [Differential identification theory was developed by [who] in [when]. This theory explains that delinquency is learned [by].]

Use this theory to explain why the issue persists [Social learning theory could be used to explain truancy in a few ways. First, truancy is learned [how]…


Create a policy that will help to remedy your issue or find one that is already in place (the last 2 chapters of your text have reactive and proactive policies for many issues of juvenile delinquency) I will give you this information.

Explain the policy [I would create a mentor program that…]

Explain why the policy is working/will work as it relates to your theory [Having a peer mentor from an older grade level will help reduce truancy because based on differential identification theory…]


Summarize the problem, theory, and policy

notes for juvenile delinquency

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