Socialization and Mentoring

Socialization and Mentoring

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CAREER CONNECTION: This assignment builds socialization skills and establishes the importance of mentoring to aid in career advancement.

The team has been invited to present at a conference before top executives of Fortune 500 companies. The topic the team is presenting on is “How Can Socialization and Mentoring Be Used For Career Advancement?”

Create a 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following as they relate to the topic:

( Be sure that you differentiate between socialization factors and metnoring factors in this presentation)

  • How can socialization and mentoring be used to advance a career?
  • How can socialization and mentoring help minimize resistance to change using the contingency approach?
  • How can socialization and mentoring help people embrace these changes as a part of career advancement?
  • Include Feldman’s three-phase model of socialization and the six socialization tactics as part of the discussion.

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Anticipatory organization refers to the socialization that takes place before entry to the organization. The phase starts before an employee commences work at a particular firm. During this stage, the individuals in question receive information or conduct research regarding the company before they start working. Significantly, they can talk to previous employees of the firm which might shape their opinion regarding the company (Mohan, n.d.).  Therefore, it encompasses both socialization to the organization and socialization to an occupation.

Encounter is refers to when the new employee encounter their workplace for the first time. The new employee has to let go the old values an…………………..

6 slides


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