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Social Justice Discussion Questions

Social Justice Discussion Questions

DQ4 Imagine that after you complete your graduate degree, you are asked to consult with a leadership team within an organization that is committed to addressing the very topic or issue you have chosen for your course project. They want you to help them build in a primary prevention component to their work for next year. Discuss the approach you would take as an organizational consultant. What is your conceptualization of a primary prevention goal for this organization? (Feel free to fill in details about this organization as you wish.) Specify three activities you would include in a consulting contract with this organization and explain why each is important in moving them toward their primary prevention goal. Analyze cultural and ethical issues that may be involved in this consultation work as a social and behavioral sciences professional.

Include at least two references: one scholarly journal article and something from Prevention Practice Kit.

Include at least two references: one scholarly journal article and something from Prevention Practice Kit.

DQ5 What experience have you had personally or professionally with a social justice issue in relation to public policy at the local, state, or national level? If you have not had experiences in this area, what have you observed through current events? Discuss your public policy experiences or observations in terms of promotion of strengths and reduction of risks, as well as the promotion of equity in social and political power. What ethical issues are involved in public policy activities?

Include at least two references: one scholarly journal article and something from Prevention Practice Kit.

DQ6 Develop a research-based newsletter or newspaper article about your topic (Preventing Domestic Violence in Teens Relationship) to inform the general public about the problem or issue. The purpose of the article is to convince the reader that this is an important issue in your community. What needs to be done to reduce barriers to well-being in your chosen population? What can be done to build strengths in individuals, families, public entities, etc. to enhance positive outcomes in relation to your problem or issue? The article should be 1.5 pages double-spaced, in Word, Cite and reference the sources you have used in developing this article


DQ7 Peruse SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices, linked in Resources, for two prevention or early intervention-oriented programs related to your course project topic (problem or issue). If you cannot find programs related to your topic, choose a different topic just for this discussion.

Compare and contrast the two programs you have reviewed in terms of the types of evaluation research methodology were used to document each program’s effectiveness. What population does each program serve? What elements of prevention or early intervention does each program utilize?

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            Preventing sexual harassment at the workplace requires a wide approach. Here, the whole society needs to be involved as it directly and indirectly contributes to this social justice issue. For this reason, my consultation service will involve the leadership team of Coca Cola, a global soft drinks firm. In order to help Coca Cola effectively solve this problem, my consultancy services will have to entail an evidence-based approach. Therefore, I will have to first conduct an intensive study on the causes, effects and strategies that can be employed to mitigate sexual harassment in all Coca Cola firms across the world. One of the websites where I intend to gather data from is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

            Based on my own point of view, Coca Cola’s primary prevention goal for…………………


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