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Social issues that impact families 200 words

social issues that impact families 200 words
  • What do you think is the “job” of a family?
  • Look at the seven key functions of a family as outlined on page 355 under Functionalism: Declining Functions. Rank these functions in order from most to least important. Explain why you ranked the functions the way that you did.

1. economic production
2. socialization of children
3. care of the sick and injured
4. care of the aged
5. recreation
6. sexual control of family members
7. reproduction.





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Family is a central institution in the society. Its main function is to help in maintaining law and order in the society. It meets the functions of other institutions like education system that makes society act in a unifying manner (Andersen, & Taylor, 2008).

                According to functionalism theory, nuclear family normally performs different functions to its members and society. The first function is sexual controls of family members. You find that sexual intercourse with the same partner…


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