SOC120 – Week 1 – introduction

SOC120 – Week 1 – introduction

1st Post Due by Day 1. Post Your Introduction. Please post a brief introduction on the first day of class. You have also been provided with the photograph and text below. Comment on the question and the photo after your introduction, and explain how it challenged your view of what is “right.” This will help prepare you for the perception versus evidence challenges of this course. Respond to at least three of your classmates’ introductions. Use this forum to get acquainted and for ongoing non-content related discussions

October 8, 2012, Photographer:Yannis Behrakis / Reuters A pensioner and a riot police officer face-off during scuffles between protesting pensioners and police near the E.U. offices in Athens. About 500 pensioners participated in this anti-austerity march.




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            My name is                                I have done a diploma in business administration in the past and had some work experience in the past. While undertaking this course, I hope to be better equipped and to add on the skills that I have built before.  I want to get more knowledge on economic matters as well as taxation and other matters that directly and indirectly affect economy. I have learnt various factors that I would want to expound on as I get more knowledge…


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