The Scientific Method and Criminal Justice as a Social Science

The Scientific Method and Criminal Justice as a Social Science

What is Science? What are the features of the scientific methods? What types of questions are addressed by Social Scientists? Briefly discuss other disciplines that utilize Social Science Research Methods.

Incorporate ALL of the questions into your forum post (minimum of 500 words for ALL responses). Original responses to the Forum questions need to be substantial and supported by at least one scholarly reference.

Please use this book as reference !! chapter 5 and 6

Ellis, L., Hartley, R. D., & Walsh, A. (2010). Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology : An Interdisciplinary Approach. Blue Ridge Summit, PA, USA: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. Retrieved from





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Science can be said to be the pursuit and application of knowledge using testable explanations and predictions about the world and the universe. It deals with facts or truths that are systematically arranged to show the operation of the general laws of the world. Scientist come up with predictions based on hypothesis………….


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