Role of leadership on organizational culture

Role of leadership on organizational culture

Review of Literature Research Paper – Focus on the Authors (3 pages)

Continue to draw from the lessons learned in your previous MSM courses and apply the knowledge you have gained from specific texts, readings, and annotated bibliographies in writing and expanding your Review of Literature paper.

The following are some of the possible overarching management competencies that could be used in decision making as you address a specific organizational problem. It is crucial that effective decision making is conducted in an ethical manner that yields a positive social impact.

·  The relevance of theories of individual behavior to professional practice

·  Value of collaboration as a management practice

·  Interpersonal skills to problems of professional practice

·  High-performance team leadership and participation

·  Managerial ethics and corporate responsibility

·  Role of leadership on organizational culture

·  Employee diversity

·  Developmental actions in areas critical to your success as a manager

·  Integrate the categories of managerial communication with personal style

·  Personal conflict management style

·  Personal coaching competency

·  Evaluate personal conflict management style

·  Your multicultural competencies

·  Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

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Role of leadership on organizational culture

Review of Literature Research

Organization culture refers to the beliefs and the values that have existed in an organizing for a long time. In addition, this is due to the beliefs of the staff and the unforeseen value of their work that will influence their attitude and behavior (Ugboro, & Obeng, 2000). Therefore, the administration usually adjusts their leadership behavior in order to accomplish the mission and the vision of the company, and in many cases, this influences the staff’s job satisfaction. That is why it is important to understand the relationship…………………..

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