Interrogation Tools for Consumers of Research

Interrogation Tools for Consumers of Research

Textbook: Research Methods in Psychology by Beth Morling
Chapter 3: Three Claims, Four Validities: Interrogation Tools for Consumers of Research

Discussion Essay (Please see the attached Article)
1.   Summarize the article in 1-2 sentences.  Be sure to include the author’s conclusion/findings in your summary.
2.  Thinking about the “three types of claims” discussed in the text:
*  What type of claim is the author making in this article (frequency, association, or causal)?
*  Is the author’s claim accurate or justified (in other words, is the type of claim the author makes in the article actually the correct type of claim according to your reading)?
Explain. (Hint: if you are having trouble determining the type of claim for the article, think about whether the variables were measured or manipulated…are they related to each other or can we determine that they cause each other?)
3.  Find two different examples in the article of terms/variables that need to be operationalized (have operational definitions) in order to be successfully measured and/or evaluated.
4.  Think about potential 3rd variables and or the directionality effect.  How else could any of the variables/aspects of this article possibly be explained?


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