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Research 3 routine tasks: Database adminstrator

Research 3 routine tasks: Database administrator

For this assignment, research different roles and responsibilities of a database administrator.

  • Research 3 routine tasks involved in database administration.
    • What are they?
    • How often should these tasks be done?
    • How can they be managed in a complex system?
  • What is one not so routine task? Explain this task, and why it is not routine.

Adhere to MLA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.




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A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for managing and maintaining a database management system. The tasks of a DBA revolve around maintaining a successful database environment. Data integrity is key to the organization and especially in an organization that relies on a central database. Any single error or malfunction of the database can bring the organization to its knees and thus the real work of the DBA….


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