Summative Assessment: Research Design

Summative Assessment: Research Design

Wk 2 – Summative Assessment: Research Design – Part 1

For this assignment, you will explore various qualitative research designs in the CDS Dissertation Guide (located on CDS Central). This week, you will define each design and highlight key characteristics of each design.

Complete the Definition and Key Characteristics Columns of the Research Design Worksheet (note the due dates in the top row of each column). Using APA 7th ed, cite the source of your information, and then add a reference list at the end.

Note: For next week’s assignment, you will continue to develop this worksheet by exploring sample size differences and data collection used in each design. Next week, you will offer your own examples of a problem statement that you might find in each qualitative design, incorporating the key words we have explored this term.


Phase 3: Concept Review (Draft of Chapter 2: Literature Review)
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Summative Assessment Research Design


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