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How to remove car dents from a car

how to remove car dents from a car

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Quite often we bump into other vehicles or objects and our cars get dents. It is expensive to always visit mechanics to repair such dents and thus sometimes it is idle to learn new ways of fixing he dents by ourselves. Several methods of removing dents from a car exist. However, not all of them are viable due to the complexity of the dent and the area where it occurs.

Most dents do not harm the paint works of the vehicle as they push the metal or plastic inside. The paint work thus remain the same. To remove such dents, the following methods may be used.

Use of hot water: this is the most common method and is often done on car bumpers. The bumper is often made of plastic and thus easily removed by use of hot water. What needs to be done is to heat some water to boiling point and pour it on the dent. Then reach for the inside of the dent and try to push it outwards…


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