Relapse and Pain

Relapse and Pain

One of the largest hurdles in recovering from a substance use disorder does not concern getting sober, but rather, staying sober over time. Relapse is a constant threat; clients are consistently battling against their triggers to remain sober. Additionally, many recovering users suffer from pain, sometimes due to the initial conditions that led them to use, or from conditions developed through their chronic substance use.

Keeping this in mind, respond to the following questions:

  • Evaluate the most common relapse triggers.
  • Analyze at least two relapse prevention strategies.
  • Explain how pain causes complications in preventing relapse in sober clients.
  • Hypothesize the risks and benefits in sober clients using pain medication as prescribed to help manage their pain.

Using information from the textbook, lecture materials, and other scholarly resources, write your initial response in approximately 300–400 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.






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Quitting drug abuse or alcohol is normally a challenge. Those who manage appear to have a second lease of life. However, they also experience relapse triggers caused by various factors such as over confidence, self-pity, abusing other substances, frustration, depression, dishonesty and other people’s expectations. A relapse trigger is any justification to go back to their past behavior. If these triggers are noticed earlier, it becomes easy to avoid a patient from relapse. Two avoid relapse, the following strategy…


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