Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Topic number 3 . Must need multiple sources from scholarly articles

topic number 3

Topics for Papers

1. While there are many approaches to criminal profiling , discussions often focus on the
dichotomy between the FBI approach and that of Investigative Psychology as
established by David Canter. Pick one of these approaches, use approximately half
your paper (3 pages) to explain it, and the remaining half (3-4 pages) to provide a
systemic critique of its strengths, weaknesses, and how it might be improved.
2. Criminal profiling often involves the identification of individuals with complex mental
health histories and current manifestations of disorders. Examine the roles of mental
health as it pertains to profiling. What need profilers know about mental disorder (if
anything)? How should such information influence investigations Who should create
these profiles? Are they useful?
3. Deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning each have a role to play in criminal profiling and police investigations. Provide an understanding of each; their relevance
to police investigations, including strengths and weaknesses; and an understanding of
how each might assist in preparation of a criminal profile.
4. Profiling is most often associated with the desire to catch serial murders or sex
offenders. What do we know about these two categories of offenders? Pick one
category and present your research findings.
5. Mass killing seems to be on the increase in recent years. Is it? What do we know about
“Mass Killers?” While it may not be possible to identify a profile to identify a future
“Mass Killer,” is there anything we can learn from the profile of prior ones that may
assist in looking for other types of killers?
6. Pedophilia has in recent years received considerable attention in the press particularly
as it relates to clergy. What do we know from research about pedophilia as it relates
either to the population as-a-whole or the clergy? (You may consider both, if you
wish). Does criminal profiling or other law enforcement or psychological methods
have a role in preventing it?
7. How is profiling useful in the investigation of other types of crimes (e.g., arson,
burglary, etc.) Investigate and report on this area, and included
8. Rossmo and Canter, among others, have written about geographical
profiling—essentially determining where an offender might live. Predictive Policing
has expanded upon this work in making efforts to determine where/when an offender

might strike next. Examine geographical profiling. What is its methodology? Is it
accurate and useful? Is there a good example of its successful use? What are its
strengths and weaknesses? What is its future?
9. You may write on other topics, after discussion with me.
Remember this is a research paper. You need multiple sources from scholarly articles and
books. Write something that shows me you are intelligently thinking about the issues.

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Deductive and Inductive Reasoning


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