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Readiness and Stakeholder Analysis

Readiness and Stakeholder Analysis

Part 1: Using the “Resistance Reducer” form below click on the link, articulate a change strategy under consideration for the change you have identified in the first two written assignments (links are below). Use the Resistance Reducer to rate each indicator related to preventing resistance, minimizing resistance, and tolerating resistance. Report your results in an organized chart for each of the three sections of the assessment.

Part 2: Need to utilize 2 outside sources to discuss the following:

a. Three ways to prevent resistance in the change situation you have identified in your first and second assignment

b. Three ways to minimize resistance in your change situation

c. Three ways to tolerate resistance in your change situation

d. Two specific mistakes you will need to avoid in the context of your change situation.

The paper should be three to four pages and should use APA format and for all citations and references. Please include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Use at least two outside sources





………….Answer Preview…………

Section Strategy Rating / score
Preventing resistance Maintaining  the organization structure

Managing conflicts

Use of mission and vision strategies

Maintaining a good and efficient corporate leadership







Minimizing resistance Having a change strategic plan with a specified time frame

Communicating changes and maintaining communication strategy

Identify the changes as per the stakeholders resistance






Tolerating resistance Stakeholders relationship

Maintaining the corporate environment




To preventing resistance, a strategy directs that the shows that there is less resistance for the business enterprise in the institution since the leaders have been able to maintain a good…………..


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