The Future of Public Policy and Administration

The Future of Public Policy and Administration

Discussion: The Future of Public Policy and Administration and You

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You have chosen to pursue an advanced academic degree. As a result of your decision, it is unlikely that you will be a passive observer of future events. This week’s Discussion gives you an opportunity to contemplate your role in helping shape the future of the field of Public Policy and Administration.

Note: You will have the option to record your Discussion post if you choose to. If you choose to record and upload your recording, please be mindful of the time you will need to review the Kaltura media player instructions below and create your video.
To prepare:
Review this Week’s Learning Resources, and think about how the issues and technologies addressed might influence your work as a public policy professional
Consider the following questions:
What role will I play in the future of Public Policy and Administration?
What impact would I like to have on the field in the future?
If you choose to use Kaltura media player to record your post for this Discussion, please access the Kaltura Media Uploader link in the left-hand navigation of the Blackboard classroom, and follow directions to create your video/audio for this Discussion.
By Day 3
Post your responses to the following questions:

What impact do I hope to have on the field of public policy and administration in my career?
How will I utilize the information I gained in this course in my future professional practice?
In what ways might I achieve positive social change, both personally and professionally?
Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

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The Future of Public Policy and Administration


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