Timica Collins While interning at Mercy House, I have gained a few skills

Timica Collins While interning at Mercy House, I have gained a few skills

1.Timica Collins While interning at Mercy House, I have gained a few skills while working with the clients on my caseload. I have learned how to work with a diverse population of clients and utilize a cultural competency approach. My caseload of clients consist of seven clients who all have diverse cultural backgrounds. For example, I have clients who are dealing with substance abuse concerns, mental health concerns and physical health concerns. I have learned how to also utilize a person in environment perspective by learning to meet my clients where they are presently in their lives and how to help them with services. While working with clients, I have implemented evidence-based practice including client-centered therapy where I have incorporated techniques of unconditional positive regard and empathy. Evidence-based practice is measured through the use of a variety of evaluation tools and approaches that measures both client progress and social work effectiveness (Garthwait, 2017). Furthermore, I feel that the skills that I have learned from my field education internship will continue to help me grow and develop as a social worker.

2.quiano davis  Social work skills i have gained are not recently discovered but i would say that i have become better at using them as it pertains to the field experience. I have gained more experience in actively listening to clients as i never had to do this beofre. Prior to my field expericence i was just reading and learning but not using this skill. I see how important it is to use active listening as it allows me to focus on what the client is talking about and also keeps the attention as the client often notices what we lsiten to. I also have become better at having patience as the client i was assigned to required patience as he would often times get distracted and have to be redirected. Last semester i was just getting to know him but i understand now how important these social work skills are. Using social work skills will assure the best results as it pertains to clients. I would say these are my two most used skills learned and perfected. 

3. Mia Mason I have to say one thing that is never brought up that I think all social workers need is Courage. As a social worker many jobs are in high-stress and complex environments. So, when it comes down to it you need will power and guts to be a social worker. This is something I do have, and my field education experience showed me it was a must have. My field education experience along with Dr. Bullock, Virginia Stanley, LCSW and classmates all played a huge role in the practice skills I gained, and I could never thank you all enough. Now in the Laureate Education (Producer) Self-reflection audio media (2013) states, “Can you identify the social work practice skills that you have mastered?” (2013). I honestly don’t think you master any practice skills because there is always room to grow and better ourselves and our skills. Suffolk Psychotherapy helped me gain better understanding of social work skills by being able to use the skills and get feedback on them. The skills that my field education experience helped me gain and better understand were empathy, critical thinking, intake process, assessments, communication, taking detailed notes, active listening, working with groups, or individuals. The staff here was always guiding me and giving constructive criticism to make myself better with all my skills that are needed to be a social worker. Any questions I ever had the staff were all willing to help me with getting the answer and having complete understanding. I learned more than I ever thought was possible I’m very lucky to get to work with the staff and to be able to say with confidence that they helped me gain an amazing amount of social work skills an understanding. 

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Timica Collins While interning at Mercy House, I have gained a few skills


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