psychology- Erik Erikson’s theory of human development

psychology- Erik Erikson’s theory of human development

Describe how Erik Erikson in his work “Childhood and Society” uses his theory of human development to understand how the traditional cultural practices of child rearing and rituals of the Native American Sioux contribute to their value formation.  How do they differ from European and American peoples?

Answer must be 2 pages double spaced and not use outside sources beyond “Childhood and Society,” nor quotes from that work.




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Erick Erikson’s theory of personal development is centered on the epigenetic principle which stresses that all people go through eight stages of development in life. Right from their childhood to their adulthood, a person develops through these stages and solves various crisis on the way. Each stage has different attributes and the person faces a different crisis. The crisis needs to be resolved in order to achieve…………..


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