Psychology concepts

Psychology concepts

This paper should focus should be on finding ways to combine psychology concepts to understanding the world around you. You must have at least one cited reference from which to draw your concepts. Any psychological topic is acceptable. I have included some ideas below which you may chose from or you may use one of your own. Include a cover page, a small abstract, a 1 1/2 – 2 page body of work and a reference page.

The relationship between mental illness and ageing

An analysis regarding the possibility of applying capital punishment for sex offenders

Is there a link between bullied teenagers and law problems?

Insecurity of own sexuality is what triggers homophobes?

Socializing and its benefits on mental health

Quitting smoking through hypnosis?

Is morality influenced by harsh laws?

A link between mental health and child obesity

Are later mental health issues related to childhood trauma?

Divorce – the influence on children

Social Interaction explained

Postpartum Depression effects on mother and child – explained

Deviant behaviour of sex offenders could be treated through cognitive behavioural treatment?

Teenagers and dating abuse and violence

How depression affects work performance

Morality through generations

Effects of different kinds of torture

How undealt-with stress affects our health and well-being

Being attractive gets you a less-complicated life?

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why – Glorifying suicide?

Can you build confidence by sexting?

Is divorce counselling helpful?

Senior citizens, abandonment and the link to mental illness

Factors that influence your motivation

What weakens your memory and how to stay clear of them

Full overview of how PTSD changes quality of life

Bipolar Disorder – everything you need to know

Mental impact of hate crimes on affected individuals

Mental health of homeless people

Why attractive people get better treatment?

Involvement of psychologists in the military

Habits – how they form and how to change them

Habits explained. When does a recurring action become a habit

Mental health effects of failed relationships

How is personality influenced by a birth affect?

Abortion – effects on the woman’s mental health

Miscarriage – effects on the mental health of the couple

Ways Used by Sports Psychology to Promote Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder – How it affects your health

Is gut microbiota linked with depression?

Genetics and environment and the influence on intelligence

How is stress affected by individual differences?

How mental illnesses affect our quality of life

Evolution of torture methods through the years

Narcissists – do they have an effect on our mental health?

Mental health improved through tolerance

Preterm delivery and the way it influences the mother’s health

How social anxiety impacts the life of the sufferer?

Consequences and Impact of teenage sexting on children

Violent music – impact on children

The work environment and its influence on self-esteem and motivation of workers

Extrovert versus Introvert behaviour

Does gender count in depression?

School uniforms – are they important?

Is monogamy a doable concept?

Are child obesity and parental negligence linked?

Mental health and junk food

Long and short-term memory

Mentally challenged children – a better understanding of mental development

How winning or losing affects our brain?

Social isolation and mental health

Influence of music on mental health

Social media behaviour and a negative body image

What not saying “NO” to your child can lead to?

How does peer pressure on first sexual contact impacts teen’s mental health?

Financial, emotional and physical abuse of elderly people

Postpartum depression: fact or myth?

Spending time alone in nature and its benefits

Stress and preterm delivery

Prevalence of depression among vitiligo diagnosed among

Hypnosis – Pros and Cons

Terrorists – mental development and psychological profile

Serial killers – Psychological profile

Introvert behaviour at adults – Consequences and reasons

Stress and sleep deprivation – what’s the link?

Can stress cause physical illness?

Myth of Fact – Suicidal contagion

Human development and growth – the three main phases

How phobias affect your personality

Office issues and how do they affect the mental state of a person

Gay adoption – religious and ethical concepts

How is the couple’s health affected by abortion?

How does schizophrenia changes quality of life?

How does social media affect human interaction?

Can the implication of transgender individuals in the military affect the morale of comrades

Teenage suicide – how to understand and control it

Studying schizophrenia in young women and men

What are the effects of solitary confinement

Americans and popular fast foods – understanding how it works

Homeless people and their problems

Learning about homophobes and their psychology

Paying for sexual favours – understanding the individuals that do that

Sex workers and their psychology

Hyperactive children and the role of environment and biology

Suicidal behaviours – understanding how it works

Motivation theories – how they work?

How can mental states be influenced by colours?

Depression – psychological reasons behind it

Durable marriages – how can they be obtained?

Is there a link between TV and obesity?

Hate crimes – effects on the victims and the community

Is personality development influenced by environment?

Is a child mental health influenced by having a narcissist mother?

Depression and obesity – is there a link?

Reasons why we generalize people

Where do phobias come from?

Struggling with stress

Reasons for the rising of divorce rate

Any psychological topic is acceptable. Include a cover page, a small abstract, a 1 1/2 – 2 page body of work and a reference page.

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Psychology concepts


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