Social psychology

Social psychology

Social psychology questions

You Will Answer: question 1 in 150 words, Question 2 you will provide your thoughts, and questions 3 in 150 words. SO question 1 and 3 must be answered in 150 words each. You must use APA in text citation properly within both questions 1 and 2. Also, information given is informative and YouTube videos are impactful.

QUESTION 1: Prejudice has traditionally been assumed to be the product of some form of malice, brought about by social or emotional forces. In recent years, there has been increasing research on how prejudice can result from cognitive processes, without malicious intent. DISCUSS how and why cognitive processes can produce prejudice. WHAT is the impact of culture on prejudice? ONCE stereotypes and prejudices are formed, how do they come to be self-perpetuating?

use the information below to help you answer the COMPLETE question for number 1 in 150 words. You must use APA in text citation.…

QUESTION 2: After watching the You Tube Videos above, please provide your reactions and thoughts to the brief articles below:………

QUESTION 3: DESCRIBE institutional bias. PROVIDE some examples of institutional biases? WHAT roles do attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudices play in institutional biases? WHAT impact does cultural influence have on institutional biases?

use the information below to help you answer the COMPLETE question for Question 3 in 150 words. You must use APA in text citation………

REMEMBER you will need to watch the videos and/or read information given underneath each question to answer that question. You may use a scholarly source to help answer 1 and 2 IN ADDITION to the information provided if needed.



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Social psychology


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