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Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals

Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals

First, it will be important to take a look at psychology as a whole and make sure that this is the right field for you. Read pp. 6-13 in your careers textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015).
Now look at Box 4.5 on page 69 of your career textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015). Think about each of the questions listed on page 69 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) and how your choices may affect your career goals.
Read pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) to learn about the different subfields of psychology .
The specializations listed on pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) provide a good start. To further explore the different subfields and specializations within the field of psychology go to the following website and take some time to explore: http://www.allpsychologycareers.com/psychology-careers.html
Now that you have spent some time looking at the many specializations in the field of psychology, in 300 words or more discuss your findings. What specialization(s) were you drawn to and why? What about this specialization(s) matches your goals, interests, and passions? Do you feel that work within this specialization will bring you satisfaction in addition to success in your career journey?

THE BOOK IS Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals.
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Psychology is a very wide discipline that deals with behaviors exhibited in both humans and non-human animals. Psychologists are mostly concerned with the intersections between two crucial relationships: the relationship between the functions of the brain and behavior, and that between the environment and behaviors (Woolfe, Dryden & Strawbridge, 2003)…………………………..

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