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PSY330 – Week 3 Assignment – Narrative for the Integrative Personality Theory Paper

PSY330 – Week 3 Assignment – Narrative for the Integrative Personality Theory Paper

Narrative for the Integrative Personality Theory Paper. Due by Day 7. Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review sections 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 of Chapter 1 in the text. In addition, read the e-book sections by Glanz (n.d.) and Saucier and Srivastava (2015). In preparation for the final assignment in this course, you will develop a narrative that contains some of the elements required for that assignment. The narrative is a partial completion of the Final Paper that allows you to begin work on this major assignment and get formative feedback from your instructor. You are to create a draft of the content you plan to submit in the identified areas below. The final assignment for this course is the creation of a personal integrative theory of personality. You are encouraged to go to Week Five and carefully review the instructions for completing the Final Paper prior to drafting your narrative. The narrative must include the content and headings noted below. Please visit the Ashford Writing Center for guidance on how to format headings in APA Style. Instructions: Provide a general introduction to the topic of theories of personality. Explain what you plan to cover and describe the direction your paper will take. Note: This section will not feature a heading. Major Concepts You have covered five of the seven major personality models in the course thus far. In this narrative, complete two of the major concepts that you will be submitting in the Final Paper. Format these with distinct subheadings. For each concept subheading, identify the major personality model from which the concept was taken as well as the theorist associated with that model. Provide an analysis for each of the two concepts chosen describing how each explains personality as well as the development of healthy and unhealthy personality traits. Excluded Concepts Reflect on the basic assumptions that define personality and identify one of the three specific excluded concepts that you will be submitting in the Final Paper. Compare and contrast the concepts you have chosen to include in your theory of personality development with the one you have chosen to exclude. Provide a rationale explaining the various aspects of the concept that make it unsuitable for your use. The Roles of Heredity, the Environment, and Epigenetics In Week Two, we covered the neurobiological model of personality. In this section, you will provide your analysis of the roles heredity, the environment, and epigenetics play in the development of personality. Discuss how heredity and environment might affect personality disorders. Self-Reflection Review your Week One paper, and begin to draft this section of the final assignment. Describe how and in what ways your views have begun to change. You must include at least four of the scholarly sources you plan to use in your Final Paper to support the sections of your narrative. The more detailed this submission is, the more opportunities your instructor will have to provide you with guidance and feedback.







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There are a number of personality theories, starting with Sigmund Freud’s a well-known psychoanalysis up to the theories of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy. The study of personality has a wide and diverse past in psychology with a richness of theoretic traditions. The famous theories include dispositional (mannerism) perspective, psychodynamic, humanistic, biological, behaviorist, evolutionary and social learning perspective.

Though, several researchers and psychologists do not clearlyrecognize themselves with a definite perspective and rather than taking an electrical….


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