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PSY330 – Theories of Personality – Week 1 Discussion 1

PSY330 – Theories of Personality – Week 1 Discussion 1

1. Post Your Introduction. 1st Post Due by Day 1. This opening discussion is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to your classmates and your instructor. We are embarking on a study of the theories of personality development, trying to answer the question, “what makes us tick?” In your initial post, be sure to state your full name, occupation, and location. Identify what you currently understand to be the basic precepts of personality theory based on your current knowledge of the topic. Please share one aspect of personality you are hoping to learn more about by taking this course and explain why that is important to you. Guided Response: Respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts. In your replies, ask specific questions about comments your peers have included in their initial posts. Engage in conversation about what you have in common and where you differ in your understanding of the basic precepts of personality.





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Hello everyone, my name is (…………..) and new to this class. I come from (………….) and my occupation is (……………) Am really happy to be part of this class and I do hope that we will make a great team together and share more. From my own understanding, the basic precepts of personality are what define what we do or how we behave. They are what makes us to tick….


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