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Life Applications. [CLOs: 2, 4, 5]. Due by Day 7.


Workplace stress can have long-term effects.

Our text identifies the following four areas which can increase this type of stress:

• Role conflict: two or more incompatible demands at work or across work and non-work roles

• Role ambiguity: vagueness or unclearness in role responsibilities and functions

• Workload incompatibility: occurs when the amount of work to be accomplished exceeds the employee’s capabilities

• Job insecurity: the feeling that the security of one’s job is unstable In addition, happiness and positivity can lead to personal success and further indicates the following ideas to increase one’s happiness:

• Setting challenging and meaningful goals • Disputing negative thinking and deliberately practicing positive self-talk

• Choosing to forgive others and let go of grudges and hard feelings • Counting one’s blessings and intentionally expressing gratitude for them

• Visualizing future success

• Practicing healthy habits such as a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise Thus, hypothetically these suggestions and ideas can be applied to each of our lives.

Whether you are working and going to school, or just going to school, they are applicable since school, too, is an organization.


After reading and viewing all of the required resources this week, consider all of the factors related to a person’s health and the workplace, how can you apply the concepts to your own life right now? • Identify at least three strategies that you can implement today to increase your level of success in the situation you most identify with. • Why do you think these strategies can work for you? • What strategies could you utilize to increase someone else’s happiness level and assist them in increased success based on our content? • Overall, consider the past five weeks of content. What do you think are two of the most important factors that will be applicable to you and your current goals? What about to your future goals? Why or How?


Your journal should be a minimum of four to five double-spaced pages, adequately discuss all questions posed, and demonstrate maturating self-awareness. This is a reflection based on all of your required resources for the week and you will not be required to use additional sources. Use the rubric to check for thoroughness of you




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In today’s world there are a number of factors that affect not only our daily work flow but the way we think as we try to accomplish those tasks. For many individuals, these factors can be crippling and at times detrimental to their career. What are some of these factors that can affect our work and progress? Some factors can be identified as stress, workplace violence, and even workplace safety. It is important when assessing a job and its pro’s to also identify and con’s.

Many of us believe we can handle any tasks that are thrown our way and jump in with no hesitation and forget to take a step back and assess just how much we can handle at one time. Taking on workloads that we are not comfortable……


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