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Professional Application

Professional Application

  • Identify at least three concepts from any graduate courses work that you found to be valuable and explain how you plan to apply these concepts to your current position at work, a future position you desire to hold, or to your personal life.
  • Comment on how effective this course was in consolidating your graduate-level course work. Feel free to suggest any recommendations or improvements to make the course more effective.
  • Assess your preparedness for a business leadership and management position based on what you have learned in your graduate degree program.

Please keep bullet points and solutions together and make solutions at least a paragraph or two long.






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The first one is ethics. Good ethical behavior cuts across all disciplines and work related issues. All people need to practice and adopt ethical behaviors that are accommodative. I plan to apply good ethical behavior in my current and future work positions. Then there is leadership skills. Leaders possess special skills that are necessary in any leadership position. Developing such skills early in life is a plus. Lastly, we have discipline…


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