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Proctor & Gamble in Vietnam

Proctor & Gamble in Vietnam

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Coleman-Lochner, L. (2012). P&G plays kindergarten catch-up with Unilever in Vietnam. Bloomberg. Retrieved from http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-04/p-g-plays-kindergarten-catch-up-with-unilever-in-vietnam.html

  • Discuss the marketing plan insights P&G has gained through its Vietnamese marketing studies. How influential are those discoveries in the development of P&G’s strategy to enter the Vietnamese market?
  • In developing a marketing plan, identify the characteristics of the marketing plan that P&G should implement to boost performance?
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Looking at the initial market entrance for P & G, we tend to believe that they did not work hard to ensure that they moved forward. P & G has gained marketing plan insights through its Vietnamese marketing studies which it has been in a position to incorporate in their product use and sales strategies. For instance, P& G realized that the Vietnamese population…………….
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