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President Houston initiated the Somerville Expedition.

President Houston initiated the Somerville Expedition.

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Your analytical answers need to be in complete sentences. If a question asks you to explain, give evidence from the document, the video, or the PowerPoint with internal citations.  Use correct capitalization, punctuation, etc. Answers need to be submitted by 11:59 pm on Monday, Oct. 24. Examples of internal citations: (Haynes: Chapter 7, Doct. # 2, p. 200), (Video), (PP: Slide # 16 ).

Number your responses to correspond to the questions. Please note that some questions have more than one part. Address all parts of all questions.

(2) 1. President Houston initiated the Somerville Expedition. What was the purpose of this expedition?  What successes did it have?

(2) 2. Explain when and why the Somerville Expedition became the Mier Expedition?   

(2) 3.  Explain how the purposes of these two expeditions (Somerville and Mier) differed?

(2) 4. According to the video Black Powder, Lead Bullets, & Black Beans, after failing to gain spoils of war in Laredo and Guerrero, the Texans were exasperated from the dearth of action and profit. When they were ordered to return home, “over 300 Texans allowed their rowdiness, pigheadedness, and pride, which so often undermined the Texas military efforts, once again to wrought their pernicious influence.”  Explain what this means and, with evidence, to what extent was this is an accurate description of the Texans as depicted in the video?

(2) 5. Was the Battle of Mier necessary? Explain your answer fully.

(3) 6. Sam Houston was president of Texas at the time of the Mier Expedition.  What was his attitude toward the expedition and toward the Mexican government’s treatment of the captured expedition participants? Reminder: Give evidence to support your answer. 

(2) 7. What were the consequences of the Mier Expedition? Be complete 

(3) 8. Why were 17 Texian men executed? How was it determined who would die? Why was Cameran later also executed? 

(1) 9. Explain how the expedition leaders, including Fisher, were accountable for the consequences of this expedition.

(2) 10. “Whatever may be the opinions of my conduct, I can hold my head erect under the consciousness that I have done my duty, and that although defeated, the sturdy resistance of a few men has in its consequences been equivalent to a victory…”   Explain what this means and why Fisher is making this statement.

(2) 11. Was the sturdy resistance of Fisher and the other Texans equivalent to a victory? Explain.

(3) 12. Fisher goes on to state that the Texans “…taught the Mexicans more respect for Anglo-Saxon chivalry than they ever entertained before.”    What does this statement mean? Why is Fisher making this statement? Explain the extent to which you agree or disagree with his statement.

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President Houston initiated the Somerville Expedition.


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