Position Relocation to China

Position Relocation to China

XYZ International has just offered you a position in their office in China. How will you respond? What are your concerns? What about your family? How long will the relocation be?

  • Select one of the stages of negotiation and write a dialog of how the conversation may go between you and your supervisor that has offered this relocation.
  • Work with a classmate or friend and record this dialog.

If you choose to write the conversation it should consist of at least 2,000 words and use APA formatting (Type face: Times New Roman – 12 point, with a cover page.)





……………….Answer Preview………..

When the word relocation is mentioned in an individual’s life, a myriad of thoughts run through the respondents mind especially when one has a family. Relocation negotiation is a daily process through which employees undertake so as to ensure they make appropriate decisions depending on the job offer as well as the measures put in place to ensure their smooth transition into their new environment. The following…


1962 words



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