Annotated Bibliography on police ethics

Annotated Bibliography on police ethics

The topic is police  ethics

Annotated Bibliography. The annotated bibliography is a list of
sources with annotations, listed in alphabetical order. An annotation is
a one or two paragraph summary and analysis of a source. In
preparation for the research paper, students will compose an annotated
bibliography (minimum of 10 scholarly/academic sources) on the topic
they have chosen for their research paper. An annotated bibliography
gives an account of the research that has been done on a given topic
and is excellent preparation for a research project. Each annotation
should generally include the following items: a summary, an evaluation
of the source, and a reflection on its applicability to the research
project.  This assignment is worth 5% of the final grade.
Again, here are the three parts:
1. a summary of the text,
2. an evaluation of the text (it’s significance, etc.)
3. a reflection on its applicability to your research topic.( police
With this annotated bibliography the student should also present what
they determine their conclusion to the research paper to be.

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Annotated Bibliography on police ethics


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