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Planning for Feasibility Study

Planning for Feasibility Study

Preparea 2- or 3-page paper for this assignment.

Selectan information system for development that would benefit your workplace or a workplace from a case study. Prepare a plan for determining the feasibility of the systems development.

Note. This information system selected for development may be used as the focus of assignments in some of the weeks to come. (If it is deemed not appropriate based on feedback received later, this information system may be changed in later weeks).

Must be done in APA Format with a reference page and citations of sources for any quoted or paraphrased material.





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An information system for development

            An information system is a set of interconnected components that assemble, help in the development, store and dispense information useful for decision making and the controlling functions of the organization. All these kinds of information should be relevant for the organization. A Management Information System for development would help the Darden Restaurant and its stakeholders for the purpose of decision making. It is a computer based system that provides managers with the tools useful for organizing…


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