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Research paper that has to be about a WOMENS sports coach.

Research paper that has to be about a WOMENS sports coach.

This is a research paper that has to be about a WOMENS sports coach. The paper has to be 6 to 8 pages long and in APA format.

Requirements: 6 to 8 pages

  1. Research Paper and Assignments/Class Presentations

(Choose a format for research paper-consultation with professor)

All formats are 6-8page papers in addition to title page and reference page Must have a minimum of 5 scholarly journal references (From Library Approved Sources ONLY).

  • Issue of concern in Women in Sport
  • The female athlete or coach case study
  • Crossfire Paper                 
  • Political Activism 
  • Letter of concern (supported as a panel debate with evidence and references)  
  • Annotated Bibliography  
  • Book Assignment (relating to a women in sport/coach/player-consultation with Professor)

General Guidelines

  • Detailed information will be provided explaining all assignments: the nature and scope of the crossfire paper, the political activism component, as well as the annotated bibliography.  The crossfire paper will be due approximately the 13th week of classes.  The activism component may be ongoing throughout the semester.  It is possible that some of you will be working together in this project.


Written Assignment: A Letter of Concern

Select an issue, event or situation relative to girl’s or women’s sports that you perceive to be unfair or unjust.  After researching the subject, determine to whom a letter of concern would likely effect action or change.  (It is possible that enlightenment may be the best one could hope for in some situations).

Write your letter, articulating your point of view with ample background information to contextualize the problem.  Concisely explain the nature of your concern with examples to justify the allegations being lodged.  Be sure to include one or two paragraphs that informs and provides the statistics or data that will substantiate your point of view.  Develop a chronology that is logically delineated.

Include a paragraph in which you recommend a solution or way to rectify the situation.  Be realistic and thoughtful. Must have supporting evidence with review of Literature

To send this letter to appropriate individual, include their real name, title, and correct mailing address in your salutation.  This is not a fictitious situation.  If you are sending a copy to someone, note it appropriately.

For example, the letter could be sent to:

-the sports editor of a newspaper with a copy to the editor-in-chief

-the athletics director (AD) at your old high school with a copy to the principal

-a TV or radio station

-the associate director or the director of athletics at a college or university



Letter Written Format:

Typed, 12 pt., use Times New Roman or similar size font

Single space paragraphs, double space between paragraphs

Length- minimum 1 ½ pages, maximum 2 pages

Margin- 1” all sides

Style- Write in a scholarly fashion, devoid of spelling errors with proper grammar, syntax and punctuation.

Full paper-6-8 pages

DUE: ___________

BOOK REVIEW OPTION (I):Write book review of a biography or an autobiography of a coach you respect and admire.

This assignment requires that you read a manuscript that is of interest to you.  Make sure you get the approval of your professor before you start.  Identify the main themes.  Why do you think the author wrote the manuscript?  At the top of your paper make sure you write all the bibliographic information.  Your paper should be typed and double-spaced, and approximately 1000 words.  Be sure to use the accepted style, APA.  Always use citations for facts that are not general knowledge, quotes, and ideas that are not your own.  Be sure to always speak in active voice, and never speak in second person in a scholarly paper.  Although it is your paper, and you are free to organize it as you so choose.  I suggest you follow a format similar to the one that follows.

As you begin to write, the first section of your paper should briefly re-tell the author’s story.  First, make sure you clearly state the author’s thesis in one 25 word or less sentence.  Clearly identify the author’s thesis by using language such as; “the author argued that …,” or “the author’s life and career represents…”  Identify the main points used to support this view.  What themes emerged from the text?  This section of the paper should not exceed two pages.

For the main body of the paper, try to focus on doing a good job answering the following questions:

What experiences from his/her life shaped his philosophy?

How does s/he motivate his athletes and what are the long-term affects?

How does this person’s philosophy lead to success in coaching?  Discuss the coach’s philosophy.

How does this coach work with people?  In what specific ways has his ability to work with others influenced his success?

In what ways does you coach prioritize his/her time?  How does that influence his effectiveness?

What elements of your coach’s personal narrative gave him/her inspiration or strength to enable him/her to be successful?

What is his/her relationship to mistakes?  In what ways has he learned from them?

Discuss your coach’s goals.  In what specific ways did the use of goals influence his performance?

What types of adversity has s/he encountered throughout his career?  What strategies did he employ in handling adversity?  What enabled him to be successful?

How does your coach handle problems?

As you attempt to answer your question, be sure to give specific examples, and use citations.

  • The last section of your paper should be your personal reaction to the work.  Was it well written and interesting?  Did it hold your attention?  Did you learn anything?  Does it contribute in any way to the body of knowledge on the subject?  Does it confirm or dispute your previous knowledge or beliefs on the subject?  Would you recommend it to other readers?  Objective: To make you a more thorough and critical thinker within your discipline. 

Guides for Book Assignment (Option II –consent  of Professor- Only if book reviewed before)

  • Your papers are expected to be explications of the book chosen, answering the questions:
  • What is the point of view of the author?
  • How does the author structure the book?
  • What are the strengths of the book?
  • What is the relevance of the book for Women in Sports today?
  • All paper must be typed, double-spaced, 1-1.15 margins, Put your name, course number, and the date on the title page. Minimum 5 page Reflection

Grading research paper/projects:

  • Papers are graded first priority on following proper APA formatting for tittle page, reference page (each reference properly formatted e.g. includes DOI #) , 5 scholarly journal articles within the last 10 years, running head, proper paragraph structure,  APA recommended in-text referencing (note: Instructor requires to avoid direct quotes and able to paraphrase all in-text references) proper length of paper 6-8 pp (not including title and reference page),  and proper content
  • Overall, your research paper should be reviewed by at least 3 people including your visits to the Writing Lab for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation  and sentence structure

Answer preview to research paper that has to be about a WOMENS sports coach.

Research paper that has to be about a WOMENS sports coach.


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