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PHI 103 Informal logic – Week 2 Journal

Week Two Journal. Due by Day 7. Reflect back on your completion of the assignment for Week One. Based on what you have learned in the first two weeks of the course, do you feel that you could improve your argument? Imagine that someone who disagrees with the conclusion of your argument were to read your assignment. Would he or she feel convinced by your argument? Would he or she feel you had been fair in your presentation of the argument? What do your responses to these questions suggest about how you might make your argument more effective? Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. You do not need to follow APA style for this journal entry, but you should proofread your work to eliminate errors of grammar and spelling.





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Based on what I have learned in the two week, I believe that am in a better position to construct a better argument. The lessons in deductive reasoning taught me a lot of information and enhanced my critical thinking skills. I know understand that in order to reach a logically, certain conclusion, you need to consider the truth of your premises based on your conclusion. If all the premises are true, then you have a deductively…


264 words


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