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PHI 103 Informal logic – Week 3 Counterargument Paper

Counterargument Paper. Due by Day 7. This paper assignment expands upon your previous paper and prepares you for the Final Paper due in Week Five. The main new tasks are to revise your previous argument created in Week One, to present a counterargument (an argument for a contrary conclusion), and to develop an objection to your original argument. Here are the steps to prepare to write the counterargument paper: • Begin reviewing your previous paper paying particular attention to suggestions for improvement made by your instructor. • Revise your argument, improving it as much as possible, accounting for any suggestions and in light of further material you have learned in the course. If your argument is inductive, make sure that it is strong. If your argument is deductive, make sure that it is valid. • Construct what you take to be the strongest possible argument for a conclusion contrary to the one you argued for in your Week One paper. This is your counterargument. This should be based on careful thought and appropriate research. • Consider the primary points of disagreement between the point of view of your original argument and that of the counterargument. • Think about what you take to be the strongest objection to your original argument and how you might answer the objection while being fair to both sides. Search in the Ashford University Library for quality academic sources that support some aspect of your argument or counterargument.




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Main argument

P1: Abortion at any stage of pregnancy kills a human being.

P2: Killing a human being is morally wrong unless it is done to protect human life.

P3: Abortion at any stage of pregnancy is not done to protect human life unless the mother’s life is in danger.

C: Abortion at any stage of pregnancy is morally wrong unless the life of the mother is in danger.


Counter argument

P1: Doing abortion….


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