Persuasive speech on poverty

Persuasive speech on poverty
Looking for a 4 minute persuasive speech for a 13 year old on poverty. Looking at how poverty causes of hunger, crime, lack of education, health etc and how scandulous it is in 2016 millions of people live in poverty and what we can do to help. We are based in Australia so would like to include relevant statistics and government action.
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Today ladies and gentle men I stand before you to talk on the issue of poverty that has are facing our nation. Poverty is one of the global issues that are facing nations today.  First of all, poverty is hunger. It is lack of shelter, being sick and one cannot manage to see a doctor, not able to access school, being unemployed and living one at time and not knowing what will happen in future. We need to know that poverty usually come with many faces, changing from one place to another. Often it is a situation people are struggling…..
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