Psychology : Personality Theories

Psychology : Personality Theories

Assignment Details: Psychology : Personality Theories

A. Overview: Journals are private between the student and the instructor. Approach these activities as (a) an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn each week based on the assigned readings, discussions, and activities, and (b) an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past. As a successful professional, you will need good reflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opportunity to further develop these skills

In the previous journal reflection, you planned how to evaluate the research for your selected theories. This journal reflection delves deeper into the various sources you are evaluating for the final project.

B. Prompt: In your journal assignment, reflect on the following:

1.Reflect on how the sources you have found support or contradict your selected theory. Do your sources meet your evaluation criteria? Why or why not?o Are you able to locate at least one primary source for this theory?

2. Summarize the research source’s historical context, the research method, and how you located the research source.o What is the historical context?o What research method is used?o Where are you locating your sources?

3. Identify any other questions you have for the instructor at this point.

Please use the attached Template to answer the above questions. Please follow the instructions on the attached template documents. 

I have attached a previous journal assignment to assist with this assignment.

This  journal assignment should be 2 to 4 paragraphs in length and any sources used should be cited in APA format. Submit theassignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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Psychology : Personality Theories


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