Imagine being at a party where everyone had personality disorders

Imagine being at a party where everyone had personality disorders

1.Personality Disorders- use refrences and DSM-5-TR when diagnosing, online.

In this discussion forum, imagine being at a party where everyone had personality disorders. After reading about the people at the party, determine the person’s personality disorder and support your decision with relevant diagnostic criteria.

Dawn danced into the party and immediately became the center of attention. With sweeping gestures of her arms and dramatic displays of emotion, she boasted about her career as an actress in a local theater group. During a private conversation, a friend inquired about the rumors that she was having some difficulties in her marriage. In an outburst of anger, she denied any problems and claimed that her marriage \\\”was as wonderful and charming as ever.\\\” Shortly afterward, she fainted while drinking her second martini and had to be taken home.

Justin wandered into the party but didn\\\’t stay long. The \\\”negative forces\\\” in the room were unsettling to his \\\”psychic soul-spot.\\\” The few guests he spoke to felt somewhat uneasy being with this aloof \\\”space cadet.\\\”

Sherry paraded into the party drunk and continued to drink throughout the night. Laughing and giggling, she flirted with many of the men, and to two of them expressed her \\\”deep affection.\\\” Twice during the evening, she disappeared for almost half an hour with a different man each time. After a violent argument with one of them because he took \\\”too long\\\” to get her a drink, she locked herself in the bathroom and attempted to swallow a bottle of aspirin. Her friends encouraged her to go home, but she was afraid to be alone in her apartment.

Elliott spent most of the talking about his trip to Europe, his new Mercedes, and his favorite French restaurants. People seemed bored being around him, but he kept right on talking. When he made a critical remark about how one of the women was dressed – and hurt her feelings – he could not apologize for his obvious blunder. He tried to talk his way around it, and even seemed to blame her for being upset.

Paul arrived at the party precisely on time. He made a point of speaking to every guest for five minutes. He mainly talked about technology and finance and avoided inquiries about his feelings or personal life. He left precisely at 10 PM because he had work to do at home.

Before entering, Rosie watched the party for several minutes from outside through the window. Once she went in, she seemed very uncomfortable. When people tried to be nice to her, she looked guarded and distrustful. People quickly became uncomfortable with her habit of finding fault with everything little thing you said or did. She seemed to be picking fights with people. She didn\\\’t stay very long at the party.

Roger wasn\\\’t invited to the party. No one really knows him very well because he rarely talks. In fact, he spends most of his time alone at home reading.

Post requirements: Your initial post must be at least 300 words. Initial discussion posts are due on Thursday by 11:55 pm CT.

2.Personality Disorders- use DSM-5-TR, cite sources

Movie characters sometimes portray many of the interpersonal problems or conflicts experienced by someone with a personality disorder. Select one of the following films to watch and observe the character identified to compare any features that match a personality disorder found in the DSM-5-TR. Include the symptoms or characteristics you observed that led you to the personality disorder you identified.

Hannibal Rising – Observe Hannibal Lecter

This is the 2007 horror film prequel to the earlier series of films (The Silence of the Lambs[1991] and Hannibal [2001] that tells the story of Lecter’s evolution into a cannibalistic serial killer.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones– Observe Anakin Skywalker

This is the 2002 space epic film from the Star Wars series featuring the character of Anakin Skywalker.

The Roommate– Observe Rebecca

This is a 2011 horror drama film. Observe Rebecca in this film.

Black Swan– Observe the mother (played by Barbara Hershey) of the ballet dancer

This 2010 psychological thriller is about a ballet dancer (played by actress Natalie Portman) who discovers a dark side to herself as she struggles to please her mother.

Gone With The Wind – Observe Scarlett O’Hara

This is the 1939 movie set in the American Civil War era starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

Sleeping With The Enemy– Observe Martin, the husband

This 1991 psychological thriller is about a couple, Laura and Martin Burney, living in a lovely home in Cape Cod. Julia Roberts who plays Laura Burney tries to leave her husband.

The Remains of the Day– Observe the head butler (Played by Anthony Hopkins)

This 1993 film portrays the life of a head butler in an English Manor.

Rachel Getting Married– Observe Kym

This 2008 film is a story of a young woman played by Anne Hathaway who is released from rehab so she can go home and attend her sister’s wedding. The movie chronicles events surrounding the wedding.

Post requirements: Your initial post must be at least 300 words. Initial discussion posts are due on Thursday by 11:55 pm CT.

3. use 300 words or more, site sources- social work. Four question techniques are central to solution-focused therapy; each functions to make problems appear less oppressive and more controllable. Use one of these question techniques with a client or volunteer. In your discussion forum post, identify the question technique you used, share the actual quote of the way you phrased the question, and the results you experienced with the client or volunteer. Give your thoughts on how this technique facilitates client change or improvement. Does solution-oriented therapy ignore people\\\’s pain (as some critics of the approach suggest) or does it facilitate clients\\\’ positive experiences, which in turn empower them to change what is painful in their lives?

4. Give an example of either an enmeshed family with little/no boundaries or a disengaged family with rigid boundaries. What problems might this family present with? What concepts and techniques would you use to treat this family using a structural family therapy framework? In your experience, is it more difficult to work with a disengaged family or an enmeshed family? use 300 words or more, site sources. look up info online about structural family therapy and brief strategic family therapy or solution focused therapy.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Treatment Manual

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Brief Strategic Family Therapy: An Intervention to Reduce Adolescent Risk Behavior

Golijani-Moghaddam, N. (2014). Practice notes: Applying family life cycle concepts in psychological practice with children and young people. Applied Psychological Research Journal, Issue 2, 26-33.


Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

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Imagine being at a party where everyone had personality disorders


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