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Personal selling

Personal selling

Because the Promotion “P” includes advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling, we will do our best to try to cover some key elements of each subset in our Week SIX threads.

Now, we sometimes may not think about this, but the sales team is very much a part of overall corporate IMC Promotion.  As someone once said, “Nothing happens until the sale is made.”
How does personal selling contribute to the IMC effort?  After you share your thoughts on this, what are the ways that sales reps are compensated?





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Personal selling is the process through which business people are able to sell items through meeting face to face with customers. This is an important practice that contributes the integrated marketing communication in several ways. The first major way is that it brings high customer attention to the product. This is something that is common in all the many different places because through face to face selling, the customer will have more attention on the product because they are talking one on one with the sales person (Cant and Van, 2014)….


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