We are planning a fictional dance performance, everything is imagined.

We are planning a fictional dance performance, everything is imagined.

We are planning a fictional dance performance, everything is imagined. Please help me plan the two questions in red in the document based on known planning. One of them has a word count requirement. Please remember that the answers are simple and clear, no outside sources can be used, and they must be in your own words.

Requirements: 2 questions

Group name:

444 Climate

Project name:

“Bury Your Eggs (BYE)”

Amount requested ($):

Project Date:

Feb 17-19th 2024

Brief summary of the project (300 words):

            444 Climate is a Performance Arts troupe dedicated to bringing the developing climate change emergency to the political foreground, invoking discourse with hard-hitting images and complex symbology through dance. Our next project brings the audience into our coastal wetlands, some of the planet’s most fragile ecosystems, and witnesses the climate crisis through the eyes of Sea Turtles.

            Beginning with the four principal dancers of our troupe hatching from massive turtle’s eggs, the piece begins in a frenzy as the newborns scramble to reach the water from the beach. As the turtles develop, each dancer will be faced with a major challenge presented to wildlife by climate change: water pollution, malnourishment, habitat loss, and irregular weather patterns. As each turtle dances to overcome its adversity, they all emerge alive but transformed as a species by the ravages of artificial impact. The first act of this work concludes with all four turtles returning to the beach to lay eggs.

            There will be a fifteen minute intermission. The second half of the work again begins with all four turtles hatching from their eggs. They are born anew: they do not bear the tough skin developed by their parents. As the crisis worsens, they have little defense against its elements. Instead of each turtle facing a single challenge, all four turtles face a barrage of climate-related obstacles. One by one, the assault kills off the turtles, until only one remains. This single dancer will return to the beach and start digging, and for several minutes will continue solo, digging furiously, until finally rock bottom is reached; and here will the turtle finally deposit her eggs. The dance concludes with all dancers covering the eggs with large sheets of burlap, until they are successfully buried.

            This piece serves as commentary on the simultaneous flexibility and fragility of nature. The turtles adapt and lay their eggs on the beach, believing the next generation would be able to withstand the tribulation of the manmade world. The burial of the eggs suggests the need for society to protect its resources to secure the future.

  • Oil, turtles, climate change
  • Contemporary life cycle of sea turtles struggles birth 2 death
  • Symbolic of the oppression of capitalism (trash, climate change) upon the masses (sea turtles)
  • Bury Your Eggs thereby serves as a warning, that you have to save your own seeds of creation from the exploitative grasp of the regime

Provide a timeline and/or schedule of planned activities related to the grant request. Provide dates as applicable:

Spring 2023 (pre-grant period): Hold auditions in Katzen Arts Center, cast the performers, talk to sea turtle researchers, begin rehearsals with cast, and meet with local DC designers

July 2023: Begin weekly main cast rehearsals at Katzen Arts Center

Nov 2023: Begin weekly rehearsals with support cast at Greenberg Theatre

Dec 16 2023: Work-in-progress sharing for invited colleagues and peers at Greenberg Theatre

Feb 15-16, 2024: Tech week at Greenberg Theatre

Feb 17-19, 2024: Premiere of “Bury Your Eggs (BYE)” at Greenberg Theatre, Washington, DC 20016

March 2024: Final payments to dancers and all collaborating designers

Expected number of arts practitioners paid by this grant request – numeric answers only:

  • 4 of us
  • Lighting
  • Venue/ venue workers
  • Advertisers

How many of the expected arts practitioners paid by this grant request reside permanently in the District of Columbia? Numeric answers only:

  • 4 of us
  • Lighting
  • Venue/ venue workers
  • Advertisers

What wards will be impacted by the proposed activities? List all.

How will the performance and related activities be marketed? What are the direct efforts you will make, and how will you assess their success? (400 wds)

Answer preview to We are planning a fictional dance performance, everything is imagined.

We are planning a fictional dance performance, everything is imagined


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