peer response help

Peer response help

#1) Thank you for sharing your summary of strategic thinking and your relevant example of John Hopkins. Here is a question for you. Do you think the blue ocean concept is relevant to the strategic thinking plan at John Hopkins?


#2) Emily

A healthcare organization I would like to work for is West Tennessee Healthcare. West Tennessee Healthcare is a public, not-for-profit healthcare system located throughout seventeen counties in west Tennessee that offers a wide range of services, (West Tennessee Healthcare, n.d.) One example of how strategic thinking could be used to identify opportunities within this organization would be to use Abell’s three dimensional business-definition model to address how customer satisfaction could be increased. Spath and Abraham state that Abell’s three dimensional business-definition model proposes “that the mission of a corporation is determined by three dimensions: (1) customer groups, or who the company serves; (2) customer needs; and (3) capabilities and technologies, or how the company will meet the customer needs.” High customer satisfaction can enhance the reputation of an organization. Reputation is an intangible asset that can be give an organization a competitive advantage because it is valuable and hard to imitate or substitute. (Schreiber, 2011) “A strong corporate reputation suggests that the products and services being offered by the firm are of higher quality and that the firm is responsible and will treat its customers well.” (Schreiber, 2011) I think that by possibly changing patient satisfaction surveys to ask questions that reflect whether West Tennessee Healthcare’s mission and vision statements are being fulfilled would be a good starting place to cement the organization’s reputation.

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#3) Ellisha

Throughout my healthcare career to date, I’ve always worked at a large hospital. I’ve always wanted to experience working in a small office setting where everyone knows each other personally. One practice that I wanted to work for was Atlanta Women’s Obstetrics and Gynecology. The first strategic thinking strategy that I would use as someone who has visited the clinic as a patient is to conduct an external analysis. According to our text, “External Analysis includes observing, analyzing, and understanding what is changing in the external environment to anticipate what the future might hold.” This includes regulations, technology trends, finances, and patient expectations (Spath & Abraham, 2013). Many of the hospitals and doctors’ offices in our area are moving to patient portal access. We don’t have to call to find out results our wait for mail, we can log on to our patient portal and see all the information we need. This practice does not have this type of technology in place and it is very convenient for patients. If the clinic wants to compete with hospitals and neighboring clinics with the same concentration, their technology needs to be just as convenient and developed, if not more. Strategic thinking would be needed to decide how much this technology would cost and if the clinic can afford, and how this major change will affect the flow of the office.

Spath, P. L., & Abraham, S. C. (2013).  Strategic management in healthcare organizations. Ashford University: San Diego, CA.


#4) Stephen

A specific type of health care organization that will benefit, but also suffer from legislation from influence and also from acts that congress has passed can be the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies all across the nation get their most business from baby boomers that will result in great benefits for the industry, increased business which can expand and create more opportunities for jobs and businesses but also a more wide array of medications approved by the FDA with ongoing research on what new medications can be used to help alleviate medical illnesses with human beings. Pharmacies can also be legislated and regulated by the FDA and insurance companies, with limitations on what can be manufactured and sold, and prices controlled by these corporations and federal agencies. “Pharmaceutical companies are free to develop any new medication they want but must get approval from the Food and DrugAdministration before it can be sold in the United States.” (Spath, Abraham, 2013)  These legislatures and controlled procedures can pose a threat to the pharmacies survival because they can control whatever the pharmacy does, however the more business the pharmaceutical industry receives the more optimal there is for a chance of more business.


Spath, P. L., & Abraham, S. C. (2013). Strategic management in healthcare organizations. Ashford University: San Diego, CA





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Yes because it is based on value innovation and the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost. The concept could help John Hopkins to how to create uncontested market space by reconstructing market……………


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