Paul Gray’s online share trading company’s safety and privacy page

Paul Gray’s online share trading company’s ┬ásafety and privacy page

Every registered user of Paul Gray’s online share trading company is advised to read the safety and privacy page of the portal. As a secure portal, it has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as a security measure. Gray has asked you to help him with this aspect of security as well. On the basis of your understanding, respond to the following:

  • In addition to SSL, which other security measure may be deployed to ensure the privacy of users in an online environment? Provide at least two security measures and explain why they would be beneficial. What benefit does each provide to the user? How can the user be sure it is working properly?

As many of Gray’s clients would also like to know about tax saving measures when they trade, Gray has hired Steve Davis as a tax consultant. Davis works from home and travels to his clients all over the country. Occasionally, he visits client sites, and takes his laptop with him on all such trips.

Gray has asked for recommendations for Davis on the following as well:

  • Which top two security measures should he take to ensure that his data and the connection to Gray’s network are best protected against attack? Describe the security provided by each measure and explain why it is important. Defend your choice of measures in the discussions that follow.
  • Are these two measures sufficient to call the laptop secure? Why or why not? If not, what aspect of security is still missing?







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The privacy of users in an online environment is paramount to any organization. For Paul Grey, security is a critical component of the business process and should be integrated in every single aspect to make sure that users are protected. Using Internet Protocol security (IPSec) is one of the sure ways of doing this. This is a protocol that is designed to protect online communication between users by using the TCP/IP protocol suite. The protocol works from the network layer in the TCP/IP. Its benefit to the users…


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