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Parenting styles

Parenting styles

Briefly describe the different parenting styles discussed in this week’s readings. How could they impact a child’s cognitive and social development? Select two parental characters in TV or movie media (e.g., movies, situation comedies, TV dramas) and identify the styles that the characters who are acting in the roles of the parents are applying to the characters who are acting in the roles of children. Each of your characters should demonstrate a different parenting style—do not discuss two characters demonstrating the same style. What do the readings say about the effects of these parenting styles on cognitive and social development? In what ways are the behaviors of the children consistent with the information in the readings and in what ways are the children’s behaviors different?




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Authoritarian parents establish a strict code to their children where they require them to follow each and every rule and any minor failure will result in punishment. They do not bother to explain to their children why they need to follow these rules and they seem less concerned with the emotions of the child. These parents also…


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