Discuss pain relievers & alternatives.

Discuss pain relievers & alternatives.

1. Discuss pain relievers & alternatives. Check out the site WebMD (Links to an external site.) and alternatives to pain management. There are other sites as well, feel free to check them out.

2. reply to two student posts below


Deryion Carter

Pain killers have been used many years as a treatment to chronic pain. The problem with using prescription pain medicine are the negative side effects and the risk of addiction and abuse. There are many different treatments for pain besides medicine. One proven method of treatment is exercise, the benefits will reduce stress,anxiety,and pain complications. Another treatment for pain is acupuncture, even though i don\’t agree with the treatment it is one of the many alternatives to pain relievers


Javier Piceno

This week\’s module assigned chapters 12 and 13. Both chapters discussed pain relievers; however, our discussion is having students discuss pain relief alternatives through the use of the provided website. After searching alternatives to pain management, I stumbled upon an article titled Using Psychology to Find Pain Reliefby author by Peter Abaci. Granted, this is a psychology class; I thought this article was the best to read from the various results given by the website\’s search engine. One such subchapter in the article is titled Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This subchapter discusses an alternative to pain relief through thought exercises. Oftentimes, I become distressed with the smaller things in life. An example of such a situation would be if I lost my chapstick or if there\’s no milk in the fridge for my morning oatmeal. It seems that when things are not in place, my mind clutters, and I become angry. The subchapter in this article offers another method of thinking where an individual focuses on changing unhealthy thinking habits, and maybe this is an exercise I should try out.

Requirements: paragraph per response


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Discuss pain relievers & alternatives.

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