American History question

American History question What did the wall represent? Why would its fall symbolize an end to the Cold War? Aside from Gorbachev, who do you think Reagan was addressing in this speech and why? Looking for an answer in about 125 or so words       ……………..Answer Preview……………… Berlin war             The wall … Read more

Multinational Management Mind Map

Multinational Management Mind Map ·  Create a PowerPoint or Mind Map explaining key concepts you have discovered about yourself during the course of this class. ·  If you make a PowerPoint, use the Notes area to explain your thoughts on each slide. If you create a PowerPoint presentation it should be no less than 5 … Read more

Power of Love and Relationships

Power of Love and Relationships Please address each of the items below:1. Describe the factors of attraction. What attracts us to one another? Why are we less likely to befriend someone from another culture than someone from a similar background with a similar physical aesthetic? Be sure to identify and describe all six factors in attraction. … Read more

Discuss the series of questions listed under the “Am I Walking My Ethical Talk?

Am I Walking My Ethical Talk Discuss the series of questions listed under the “ Am I Walking My Ethical Talk ?” Which of these questions seems to be the most and least important…and Why? Do I talk about the ethical implications of decisions with the people who report to me as well as with the job candidates I’m interested in hiring? With my peers? With my manager? Have I made it clear to the people who report to me that I don’t want to be protected from bad news? Do they understand that they can tell me anything without fear of retribution? Do my reports come to me with ethical concerns? Do I provide guidance on ethical decision making, and have I participated in the ethics training of those who report to me? When evaluating the performance of my staff, do I value ethical goals at least as highly as performance and quality goals? Do I focus on the means as well as the ends in decision making and performance appraisals? Do I reward ethical conduct and discipline unethical conduct? Do I require my people to take responsibility for their decisions? Do I support employees who challenge unjust authority? What are the informal norms in my department? If my employees were asked to list the “rules” of working for me, what would they say? Are any of these problematic if ethical conduct is the goal? Do my direct reports know I care about them and will be there for them in good times and bad?  If I were to die tomorrow, would the people who report to me say that I had integrity? How would my peers describe me? And what would my manager say?   ………….Answer Preview…………….. Walking the ethical talk means being ethically … Read more

Criminal Justice Assignments

Criminal Justice Assignments 1. Write a 200- to 300-word response in which you describe some of the reasons for violent behavior in prisons. Include the following components: (need by 2/12/15) Violent behavior among prisoners Violent behavior between inmates and staff Strategies for responding to violent behavior How violent behavior affects incarceration length 2. Write a 350- to 700-word … Read more


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